Wellcare, Samsung (2012)

Purifiying Meditation

Longer life spans, longer working hours and less living space have emphasised our need for both healthcare and wellbeing. Wellbeing and healthcare are two different animals; wellbeing is mental and spiritual, while healthcare is scientific and technological. New advances in technology are opening up a new space in which people are starting to harness health related technology to create new wellbeing benefits.
Samsung calls this new space ‘well care’; for this project I use this space to come up with new value generating propositions. I researched the interrelationship between the rhythm of noise while cleaning and psychological comfort.

- Korean traditional ironing method (Dadummi)
- Korean temple cleaning activity
- Hair dryer & vacuum cleaner noise comforts a crying baby
I designed a vacuum cleaner to purify your inner self while cleaning your house by encouraging sensorial experience.